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Introducing Tapatio Spicy Ketchup

The Perfect Fusion of Heat & Tang

Tapatio Spicy Gourmet Ketchup - A blend of savory tomatoes and Tapatio's signature heat.

certified delicious

Have you tried Tapatio Spicy Ketchup?
You'll love it!
Vibrant group of friends savoring moments and celebrating with Tapatio Ketchup

Crafted with Precision

Our team of experts has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, and we're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products.

At Tapatio Ketchup, we take pride in crafting the perfect balance of spicy and savory. Our ketchup is made with precision to deliver a tantalizing taste that takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. We're passionate about our product and are excited to share it with you.

Tempting Tapatio Ketchup accompanies a bowl of crispy french fries, a delightful taste combination
Breathtaking Los Angeles sunset, people in car relishing life with Tapatio Spicy Ketchup, one person wears a sombrero hat

Experience the Tapatio Difference


Enhance the Flavor of Your Favorite Foods


Add a Spicy Twist to Traditional Recipes


Discover New and Exciting Ways to Use Ketchup

Featured In

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Wowza it’s so good!!!

Ms. K

We have been talking about this needing to be made for YEARS! Finally! And it does NOT disappoint! It's amazing!

Shan P.

What an amazing product, it is sweet and spicy but not too hot very unique product. We loved it!! It has become an instant staple in our family.
It makes our hot dogs, french fries sauces so delicious. It was delievered right away in time for our weekend barbecue.

Claudia P.

Love the Tapatio ketchup! Spicy with great flavor! Our favorite spicy ketchup!

Louise B.

This Tapatio ketchup makes all other ketchups boring. I was amazed by the flavor it adds a dash of spice to your hotdogs, hamburgers and fries. I added Tapatio ketchup to my meatloaf recipe. Zing Zang Boom came out awesome sauce-. Not overbearing with Picante or high end scovilles, just the perfect combination of tomato and Tapatio to change food from ordinary to extraordinary. Honest review!

Togley S.

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